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Once upon a time, there were two women who were attending law school. Even though they already had to read -- a lot -- for their school work, they longed for the days they once knew. In those days, they could pick up a book and not worry about how to stay awake while reading the stuffy prose of a judge who thought he or she could write.

Eventually, they graduated from law school and turned into an editor (rinipaul) and, even more eventually, a college professor (penshark). They still had to read for their respective jobs, but they found they could go back to reading just for the joy of finding a story they couldn't put down with characters whose lives mattered.

One bright shiny day, they said to themselves, "why don't we use the internet to share the names of books we read, so we can sample each other's reading tastes?" And so, it was done, and they called this new invention the webofbooks.

(The alternate creation story: Once, there were two avid readers with brilliant cats. The cats decided their humans would enjoy sharing book thoughts. But the cats couldn't blog, since they had no thumbs. So they let their humans do it.)

Writing the introduction is penshark, one of your hosts. I also serve as scribe for the House of the Black Cat on LJ. My comrade-in-blog is rinipaul. Her brilliant cat, Leo, doesn't have his own blog, but he does have his picture on the top of this blog. Between us (especially rinipaul), we keep a number of librarians very happy.

We originally started a blog to share what we were reading with each other and see if we could find some like-minded book types to swap ideas with. We welcome comments on what you're reading, what you liked and didn't like, what you've heard is good (or isn't good), where you find great reads and how you find the time to get 'em all read. And if you find someone who would enjoy this spot, please send them our way.